Cosmetic Dentistry

We are on a mission to increase confident smiling by providing friendly, gentle cosmetic dentistry services. Smiling and laughter have both been proven to have huge benefits to your health and wellbeing and also those around you.

Your smile is an important part of who you are. You don’t need to flash an impossibly perfect Hollywood set of teeth, however simple procedures can correct issues which stop you from smiling with confidence, and give you a naturally beautiful smile to last a lifetime.

Dental Bridge

A dental bridge is one way of replacing a missing tooth as an alternative to a dental implant. A dental bridge will only be recommended to you if a dental implant is not suitable.

A dental bridge is used to maintain the integrity of the teeth by providing the support necessary so that surrounding teeth are not affected by the absence / loss of a tooth. The dental bridge effectively uses the structure of the surrounding teeth to support a false tooth. The bridge is made up of three or more joined false teeth that overlay on top of the existing teeth to fill the gap.

If the surrounding teeth are healthy, the dental bridge is not suitable since it requires that part of the healthy teeth be ground or worn away to fit the bridge. In this case a dental implant may be the viable alternative.

However if one or more of the supporting teeth require reconstructive work, the bridge may prove more beneficial in maintaining the structural integrity of both the missing tooth and the supporting tooth.

Your dental bridge Smylist should make a recommendation based on what is the best solution for maintaining your natural teeth.

Dental Crown

A dental crown replicates the shape, contours and size of your tooth and is used to completely cover or cap an existing damaged tooth, which may have resulted from decay and/or a broken tooth. The dental crown is permanently cemented onto the existing tooth or implant and is used to strengthen the damaged tooth or to improve the appearance of the tooth. They can also provide a functional purpose of assisting with chewing. We can provide porcelain dental crowns in single visit using CEREC technology.

Dental crowns are recommended following root canal treatment and/or if the damaged tooth is too weak to support the teeth around it.

Consider your teeth as structural supports for each other. Once one of the teeth begins to break down or weaken, it can have the similar affect on the surrounding teeth. A dental crown serves to restore the strength to the damaged tooth but also maintain the integrity of the teeth surrounding it.

A dental crown may also be recommended if you need to replace an old filling and there is not much of the original tooth remaining, or to restore a fractured tooth.

Teeth Whitening

Everyone loves a happy bright smile, especially at Smylist We love to see our patients smiling confidently, and teeth whitening is a popular method for improving the look of stained or dull coloured teeth.

Before we brighten your teeth, we want to make sure you have a healthy smile too, and not just a bright smile. That’s why we suggest that you have a general check-up and clean before commencing on a teeth whitening programme.

Take home whitening kits provide convenience and are cost effective for whitening your teeth at home. Firstly we will take an impression of your teeth, which will then be used to make a customised silicone mould. The mould will exactly fit the shape of your teeth.

The mould is part of the kit that you take home with you. You will also be given a tube of whitening gel, which is applied to the inside of the mould before inserting the mould over your teeth.

We will advise you of the frequency and length of time to wear the mould while you are at home. Generally it is 15 minutes per whitening session.

With the at home teeth whitening kit, all you need to do is replenish the whitening gel as needed. The moulds should last you for years, giving you the freedom to whiten your teeth as needed, without a visit to your dentist.

Regular dental visits are recommended to ensure the good health of your overall dental hygiene.

Dental Veneers

A veneer is a thin decorative covering. Dental veneers supplied by us can be made of porcelain or composite bonding and are thin surfaces that are applied over the top of an existing tooth to greatly improve discoloured, chipped, broken, gapped or misaligned teeth. They are a popular method used in cosmetic dentistry, however also serve to protect the natural tooth from further damage.

If you have gaps between your teeth, discolouration, misshapen or a chipped tooth, then a veneer will provide an effective, timely solution towards achieving a brighter, straighter smile.