" You don’t need perfect teeth to have the perfect smile"

– Dr. Namrata Jadwani

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The Smylist is India’s first smile analysis studio that has been launched by Dr. Namrata Jadwani. With her extensive knowledge of dental aesthetics, Dr Jadwani and her team will help you achieve your optimal smile without the need for any cosmetic procedures. Rather than using invasive techniques to alter your teeth, this process is pain-free, focusing on allowing you to achieve the best smile you possibly can.

After an analysis of your current smile, you will be guided through a series of exercises and aided with an exclusive software, we will help you achieve that picture perfect smile you’ve always wanted!

From people who feel insecure about crooked teeth to those who are simply unhappy with the way that their smile looks in photographs and otherwise, thanks to the Smylist, an optimal smile is now easily achievable for all.

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No invasive procedure

We correct your smile flaws

We give you the picture perfect smile


Cutting edge technology

Medically sound knowledge

Detailed analysis of existing smile flaws


If the concept of the Smylist has intrigued you, email us at info@thesmylist.com or call us on +91 9920325352 to book your initial consultation.