Dental Bridges

Dental bridges function precisely as they sound. They help bridge the gap between missing teeth. The dental bridge comprises one or more crowns that are placed on the teeth, which are on either side of the gap. These teeth serve as anchors for the dental bridge. A false tooth is placed in the gap to complete the dental bridge. The false teeth can be made of several materials, which include porcelain, metal alloys, gold, or a combination of materials depending upon the situation.  


What are the types of dental conditions which Dental bridges help fix?  

  • It helps restore your smile, and enhance it
  • It enables you to chew properly and speak clearly
  • It helps maintain the structure of your face
  • It helps distribute your bite force by replacing missing teeth
  • It preventsneighboringteeth from shifting from their positions  


We recommend scheduling a consultation with Dr. Namrata so that we can determine the ideal course of treatment. From selecting the appropriate material for the false teeth to customizing the treatment, “The Smylist” will help make the procedure is both effective and as comfortable as possible.