Laser Dentistry 


Laser Dentistry: the epitome of progressive pain-free dentistry at its best. With the advent of lasers in dentistry, the pain and phobia associated with dental procedures and visiting a dental office is a thing of the past. Minimal bleeding to blood-free procedures, quick healing, no stitches, and rapid recovery are just some of the benefits of laser dentistry. At “The Smylist,” we have state of the art laser equipment, which is skillfully executed by Dr. Namrata and her team.  


Here are just some of the procedures we do using a laser:   


Gum Disease 

Lasers are used to alter the shape of the gums and to eliminate bacteria during root canal procedures. 


Gummy Smile treatment  

Sometimes, the magic of the laser is enough to change your gummy smile in just one session!  



Lasers are utilized to help remove legions from the mouth. They also help relieve pain from mouth ulcers (canker sores) 


Catalyze Teeth Whitening 

Teeth-whitening procedures are hastened with the use of lasers. A special bleaching agent applied to the tooth surface is activated by using lasers that emit energy in the form of light. This process enhances the effectiveness of the bleaching agent. 


At “The Smylist,” Dr. Namrata and her team use laser dentistry to offer you a plethora of advantages as compared to traditional procedures. 

  • Reduction in pain, while some procedures are entirely painless 
  • Using lasers in procedures help exclude the need for local anesthetics 
  • Eliminates the need to use dental drills, and helps reduce patient anxiety 
  • Substantially reduces bleeding and swelling when used on soft tissue like gums 
  • Lasers help minimize collateral damage and preserve the teeth, especially during cavity removal 
  • Laser dentistry is quick and economical 


Dr. Namrata and her team at “The Smylist” utilize the latest technology and state of the art equipment to provide you with quick, pain-free procedures, and genuinely luxurious experience. A dental appointment with “The Smylist” is an experience you will look forward to.