Tooth Fillings

Tooth decay is one of the most common dental trouble that most of us have faced at some point in our lives. Food habits, neglect in oral care, and delayed dental checkups are some of the reasons that cause decay. Tooth fillings treat the cavities in one session usually. The decayed portion of the tooth is replaced with a filling material. The procedure restores the aesthetics and functionality of the teeth.  


There is a variety of filling options available – the cosmetic composite tooth-colored fillings being the most popular. The other types of fillings would be porcelain and Glass Ionomer Cement fillings.  


You can choose from several different types of fillings. We recommend that you schedule an appointment with Dr. Namrata so that we can evaluate your situation and make appropriate recommendations. 


Several factors need to be considered before opting for a specific type of filling. These include the extent of decay, the remaining portion of natural tooth structure, cost, and other factors. Our goal at “The Smylist” is to educate you and provide you with results that match your preferences and aesthetic concerns.